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i was talking to someone who is workng for an organisation and he complained that the isp had called and told them that they were using more than the available bandwidth that was allocated to them.. they use a t1 line.... they are working on a workgroup enviornment ......with about 75 users so how do we actually find out who is generating the traffic cus im not too sure where to go with this ????
what exactly do we do and were do we start the troubleshooting process..

and yeah they also connect to two remote sites one in china and one in another location within the us...

very confused please help.... (dont even know where to start. )


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    This is not topic of this forum, but I will answer you anyway :)

    Start with NetFlow. Your Cisco router can send all necessary statistics to some NetFlow collector (like Ntop) via NetFlow protocol, then you can find out who is generating all that traffic.
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    activate the "ip accouting" command on your serial/wan link and record the top-talkers using "show ip accouting"
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