sh ip cache flow

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Hello Fellow Peers.

In chapter 2, page 83 of the self study guide (CCDA), it shows an example output of sh ip cache flow.

My question is about Active(Sec)/Flow and Idle(Sec)/Flow.

In this sample output, the last stat clearing was 3 seconds ago. Yet, all but one of the Active(Sec)/Flow and Idle(Sec)/Flow are over 3 seconds. Why? Please explain.


  • Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Member Posts: 145
    I also did a quick search on It had similar example output and didn't explain the output in anymore detail. Somebody, please?
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    Clearing the flow stats doesnt toss out existing flows or their information, only the old flow information for flows that have hit the timeout value.

    It would be sort of like a fast food drive thru. If the manager wants to know the number of cars that go by per hour -- you don't throw out the orders of the cars in the line who placed their order but haven't received it yet when you start a new count for the new hour.
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    Hey Mike, thanks for the reply!

    Another question whose answer might help me to work these things out for myself in the future. How were you able to figure that out or learn that?
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    How were you able to figure that out or learn that?
    I read the CCDA books while studying for the CCNA and had originally planned to take the CCDA right after the CCNA.... but it was confusing things like this that probably caused me to change my plan -- I did the CCDA/CCDP after my CCNP.

    I have posted that the CCNP does help with the CCDA more than the CCDA would help with the CCNP :D

    During the CCNP when my eyes were glazing over pondering control planes and data planes.... the hands on stuff made sense. This was actually one of the things I remember checking out to avoid going back to study more boring theory stuff. icon_lol.gif

    In hindsight -- this is one of those things you could ignore for now and it wouldn't affect your ability to get the CCDA right after the CCNA. In the CCDA there are things that you learn to design that you would need a CCNP to implement.
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