Passed 272 Another MCDST on the block

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Passed just a hour ago. Score of 809.

I know the exams are ment to be random but there were alot of questions on Remote desktop and firewalls. So that is def something to swat up on before taking the exam. Also make sure you know all the Internet Options and what all of the configuration options are and where the restore defaults buttons are in the sub menu's and what each 1 will do. This came up in alot of the questions. So make sure you study the sercurity levels and application defaulting options also how to force web fonts and stuff.
Other main topics were Share permissions and Outlook express file types and import setup. Make sure you know the files type associated with Outlook and outlook express.

They were the ones that are likely to catch you out.

Good luck to anyone else taking the exam.

Can now look forward to the MCSA.


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