Cisco Intro Chapter 6 Number 9

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Which of the following functions is performed by TCP and UDP?
a) Windowing
b) Error Recovery
c) Multiplexing
d) Routing
e) Encryption
f) Ordered data Transfer

Official Answer: C and F
My Answer: C only

I can understand C, UDP uses ports. What I don't understand it the ordered data transfer. It was always my understanding, that UDP did not such ordering, but simple shoots the data out and doesn't care what order it's received.

I back up my belief, with page 162, CCNA Intro Exam study guide, ""UDP - Does not reorder received data".

And I look, on the next page on 163, and sure enough, the actual header, does not even have a "sequence" field.

Am I right in saying the book is wrong here?


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    You are correct ;) You must have an old copy of the INTRO book (pre 8th printing which is what I have) My printing has the correct answer of C only.

    I suggest you go to www.ciscopress.com and go to the book support section under products, put in your ISBN number and download the eratta. There are quite a few errors! I've gone through both my intro and icnd books and hand written in all of the corrections.

    The other thing I'd do is download the exam engine from the same place, it is vastly improved, and the latest patch released only a few days ago has fixed most of the problems I was having with simulation questions :)

    if you are feeling lazy here is the link:


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