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Now I know that CCIEs are a rare breed - by Cisco's own site there are barely 5000 in the US alone.

My question is - for those lucky few that do obtain the coveted CCIE, does that basically allow them to work anywhere that they want? Grads from top schools like MIT, CalTech, etc, can pretty much pick where they want to go after graduation, just wondering if the CCIE is similar.

Google - Microsoft - Cisco - FBI - CIA - NASA .... basically companies that are know to only hire the best of the best. I know that there are networking gods out there that don't have their CCIE, but having this cert - does it allow you to go anywhere?

I'm not even interested in the usualy CCIE question which is " How much can I expect to make with a CCIE" - I just want to know where I can go with a CCIE. I don't expect to have one anytime soon, but it sure is nice to have that goal and dream job in mind :D

Thanks guys.


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    You can do a search on, and watch your jaw drop on how many jobs have CCIE in the title or requirements. With that said, I think the greatest example is Darby. I mean Jesus, the guy doesn't have his CCIE (yet), and the way DW tells it, Hiring Managers are throwing their first-born at him. :D Can't imagine what happens when he gets it (or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6???). Might have to set appointments with DW just to talk to him lol. icon_lol.gif
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    Even though for some CCIEs it'll be the case, in generally you'll need more than 'just' a CCIE to get into one of those organizations. They all have their own ways of picking their new 'talent'. But, as a CCIE with experience (which CCIEs usually have) you'll have plenty of jobs to pick from, at large enteprises with impressive state-of-the-art environments (and offering 6 figure salaries). There are a couple of similar topics in this forum with links, but you could check out the case studies at and do a search at to get a realistic idea on the requirements.
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    Me? I'll just take anything in 60k -70k range. Not too greedy :D Well, at least not yet anyways. icon_lol.gif
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    Thanks for the responses guys.

    I usually don't look at, just because I've seen too many entry jobs that had something like this in the posting:



    And it would be something entry to intermediate :P Seriously - it was probably just a HR rep that slapped every cert they could in the posting.

    Example - I just searched Mircosofts IT Operations job postings - anything with "Network" in the name required "CCDP, CCNP, CCIE perferred"

    I think my question stemmed from the fact there are barely 5000 CCIE in the States - yet everyother job posting I see is for a CCIE, you would think CCIEs were a dime a dozen.

    Are these companies posting these seriously thinking they will get a CCIE submission, or is it more like "lets throw it out there and hope"

    What it boils down to is that I would like to one day work for a select handful of companies - and like was said before - it wouldn't be for a paycheck.

    Thanks for the responses guys.
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    As far as I know there is no Silver Bullet.
    Sure there is. :D
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    There is a lot of Demand for CCIE but yet there are times when you may not get the job you are looking for for some reason beyond your control.

    I got a job with Cisco It was a dream Job to work with great minds and do the stuff i like to do . I had my interview in San Jose and i met the team i would be working with but unfortunatley though cisco had given me the Job and offer letter I could not get a work Visa for US as the Officer at the border does not understand why Cisco is paying me 140k a year and how come a commerce Graduate like myself can also be a computer person . I explained to the officer about my last 10 yrs Experience but he simply said sorry cant help you no visa . Not every body understands networking and usally the HR have no clue . But just a CCIE is not important your Experience is very imp . Your resume may get noticed with your certs but when it comes to a techinical interview you have to know your stuff
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    nitishh wrote:
    But just a CCIE is not important your Experience is very imp . Your resume may get noticed with your certs but when it comes to a techinical interview you have to know your stuff
    Good advice, and not just for the CCIE Certification. icon_thumright.gif

    Welcome to TechExams! icon_cool.gif
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    Funny, one job listing required CCNP and CCIE.

    "I see that you are a 5x CCIE Mr. Rooney. Unfortunately you have not done your CCNP so you aren't qualified."

    My opinion is that for some jobs you might as well leave CCIE off your resume. It's overkill for 95% of the straight corporate IT network dude jobs out there. I'm hiring a sr. engineer now and I probably wouldn't touch a CCIE. I would love to have one, but in the DC job market I know I'd just be making his mortgage payments for a few months.
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    I know this is completely off topic but after reading the previous posts i cant help but wonder about the road taken by people like Darby to get to where they are today.

    Its just a clear indication that you can go into IT and be content and never pass the 50k mark or you can be motivated, keep improving yourself, and the sky is the limit.

    Not to say money is mine or anyone elses motivating factor, but if having my current credintials landed me 50k and a ccie landed me 52k i wouldnt go through the process. I see certs and moving up as a means to new toys. :)
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    Hi guys,

    just thought i'd add to the CCIE salary ranges

    Well in the UK much like everywhere else it ranges quite alot. Looking around for a permie job I would expect a salary of about £50-60k in the sticks and £60-90k in the city.

    For contractors that equates to about £400/day minimum but I have seen £750/day in London (but you obviously loose your life outside of work!)

    I'm sure some work more more and less but these numbers are quite common

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    Remember some CCIE's are only paid like 20k US in other countries.

    I said CCIE's.

    Anyone of less stature earns less as well.

    Well, in my country, experienced CCIE are getting paid averagely 35K USD. icon_sad.gif
    13 September 2007, Brussels - CCIE Voice Lab
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    I too am going for CCIE. But one thing to note, just because someone is a CCIE does not mean they know everything. CCIE's are not God. I work with CCIE's and they do know alot about Internetworking and I do respect their knowledge as well as thier achievment of the CCIE. I also work with people who are not CCIE's and I have seen some of these non-CCIE's who have more knowledge then a CCIE. So having a CCIE is good and it will open up doors of opportunity. However, having real world experience is just as good as having a CCIE if not better.
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    If one passes the written exam for more than one CCIE, does it count when you show that in your resume?
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    If one passes the written exam for more than one CCIE, does it count when you show that in your resume?
    mikej412 wrote:
    if you take your CCIE Written Test Report and $3 to any Starbucks, you can get a cup of coffee.

    The CCIE Written exam lets you access the CCIE Lab scheduling system for the track(s) you passed. It will recertify all your Associate & Professional Certifications and those 2 year Cisco Specialist Certifications and CCIEs.

    Other than that it doesn't really count as anything. If you have the skills to "back it up" -- then I guess you could mention it in your cover letter or resume if you want people searching for CCIEs to find your resume. It may be helpful if you are looking for a job with a Cisco Business Partner (and access to their lab).

    I've seen people who couldn't get past a CCNA level phone interview have their CCNP and "CCIE written" so I wouldn't be impressed.

    I don't mention mine. I figure its like waving a red cape at a bull. You've got to ask yourself -- are you ready for this?
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