I passed the test yesterday!

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Hi everyone.

I passed A+ OS yesterday. My score was 780 of 900. :)
I passed Hardware Core 900 of 900 on 13/Oct.

I only had 9days for preparing A+ OS....
Well... I wanted to have more time for preparing actually, but I should go to overseas for work from next week for 3weeks. I didn't have choice.

My main problem for these exam was English.... English is not my native language. Even I had extra 30min, it didn't matter. I finished my exams less than 45min anyway. If I didn't know the words, I stuck and can't do much... icon_cry.gif

There were some questions about Windows XP. luckily I'm using XP now, so it helped me for these questions.
But many questions were about W2K/NT. some are 9x ofcause.
You better to remember basic DOS command which you could use for W2K/NT or 9x. Not many questions about it but looks like always it was on this exam.

Good luck to everyone who will have exam in the future!


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