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Hello everyone. Today I was "taking a look" at a co-workers computer on the side. Well she uses an hp 133mhz desktop, 128 ram running windows xp. She seems to think that her keyboard or mouse or even ports have gone bad. But this is not the case. I have tried both on my computer here at work--and they work perfectly fine. She claims to have not installed any new software or hardware recently...So i was thinking maybe it needs more memory for a start. But later said that she installed a software and since the computer began talking up more memory than before. I would really like to take it home to "divide & conquer"...but she's taking it to another tech. When I started it up at first I only saw the "HP" screen---no operating system....and it froze up. Any help?/


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    Assuming it is Windows XP professional, it is bound to run slow on a 133 (suprised it runs at all, according to the docs it needs at least a 233) and 128 MB is easily too little if you run a memory consuming program.
    When I started it up at first I only saw the "HP" screen---no operating system....and it froze up.
    Could be memory or hard disk (boot device) but could indeed be a hardware problem with mouse and/or keyboard port.
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    Yeah, I hear ya webmaster. She's using xp home edition. But she could definitely add more memory! It couldnt hurt right? As for the ports- as you said...that may be a possiblility too. But wouldnt the operating system still run?? LOL, suprisingly her computer still ran. And she did install a new software--she just remembered icon_confused.gificon_lol.gif She noticed it going a bit slower and when she tried to use the computer the next day--the keyboard and mouse where totally frozen. from questioning her she says that she lives close to the sea--so she's constantly cleaning her fan out. Is there anything I can do to at least get it to run properly. Mind you--I dont have any tools or spare parts. And I really dont want to go as far as to open the company's computer to test on hers icon_eek.gif since this is really just a favor Im doing on my part :) . I will try though to get through again--and get back after lunch.
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