Need help on subnetting practice questions and RRAS setup.

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hi guys:
I am trying to prepare for the 291 exam. I have at least 2 topics that I don't feel comfortable with. First is the subnetting. I learn and know how to calculate this thing long time ago, but have to take time. Although I always get the answer right, but i can't do it off the brain so fast. I dont' wanna get stuck during the exam. So I am trying to get some practice questions to help...boosting my brain CPU.

Second major topic is the RRAS. Honestly, I have never done ANY routing in windows. NAT, router, dial-up server, RADIUS, VPN......and so on. I already have a Pentium III machine with 3 NICS and 1 Modem to play with. However, I still couldn't be able to do many much configuations. I need more help on this topic. I wanna get some good sites that show the config in more details. I would also prefer step by step.

Besides, other topics are still fine that I should be able to get ready for the exam.

My reading is almost done. Its still march now. I am trying to take my exam in May and hope to get the MCSA done before my 29th birthday.

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    I'm not sure how in-depth you have to go on RRAS for the exam. Make sure you have walked through the Wizard a few times, because that's always the MS preferred way of doing things. Know how to enable a DHCP relay agent within RRAS. As you mentioned, at least be familiar enough with subnetting to recognize the correct answers quickly (you won't necessarily have to do a lot of subnetting on the fly), and be familiar with remote access policies and when and where they apply. Remember that ADUC and RRAS policies can conflict, so know which one wins in cases like "allow dial-in access".
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    Try here:


    there's a link called 'view/print practice problems.

    Also, don't forget WSUS for the 70-291. From reading the posts here, it seems quite a few people neglect to review/study this subject at all.
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