How popular or recognized is CCA?

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Any replies would be greatly appreciated
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    Employers that utilize Citrix in their environments recognize it when they are looking for candidates!
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    The healthcare industry is flooded with Citrix. If you are looking to be in that industry then I would look at Citrix.
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    Depend on the industry. I see a lot of them for Law Firm and mid-business (alternative connection VPN) back to the Intranet.

    It is good to know.

    I got my back for Metaframe 1.8,... so I need to update myself, too.
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  • amyamandaallenamyamandaallen Posts: 316Member
    If you see a job avert for a company that uses it, you'll know, that they know CCA's are quite sparse. So in that instance your on a winner and the pay should reflect that. :D


    Most companies who dont know what it is tend to ignore it as a cert.

    Its a very challenging enviroment and actually quite a good product if its used/setup correctly. However as said because theres not many real experts on it ( IMHO ) it gets a bit of a slagging.

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    Citrix isn't going away any time soon just because of the cost benefits (lower tech spec) and security aspects (no sensative data on the client pc if lost or stolen) to the company. However, needs to be a company that has a centralised application, like healthcare patient administration systems, etc.

    However, I would say it is a support cert to go along with bigger certs (no offence meant to the technology or the cert) Having a 2003 mcse and the beginnings of the citrix line will set you right up in the right field.
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    The company I work for uses citrix, and they are not in the health industry. We use applications like: accounting and payroll databases for users to access through the internet. Also I really like windows file explorer on citrix, which runs startup script and maps a users network drives like they would normally do on a terminal server on win server 2003.

  • KasorKasor Posts: 912Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Citrix and Cisco VPN are good to know...
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  • TurgonTurgon Posts: 6,313Banned
    Worth doing and makes you more well rounded beyond the OS/Network certs. Providing you have the time that is!
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