Yet another CCNP home lab setup question

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Hi everyone, sorry for the redundancy. I have a question concerning my cisco home lab.
I have just passed my CCNA and am ready to begin studying for CCNP,
but I am worried my lab still needs more hardware to fully support CCNP practice.

My lab goes like (4) 2503, (2) 2501, (1) 3620 w/ 1 FastEthernet and 4 Serial Ports (for FR and VLAN routing),
(1) 2509 access server, (3) cat 2924 (for VLAN, VTP, STP etc...).
all routers run IOS 12.2 and above and all switches 12.0 enterprise and above.

I have some money left so I am thinking to get an ISDN simulator and anything else my lab needs.
Now here's my question:
What can I add to my lab to be able to practice for all 4 CCNP exams?

Advise and/or comments/critics appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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    ISDN has been "going away" for a while now -- do you see it in the current exam blueprint?

    Wireless is in there -- sounds like a wireless access point may be useful.

    I haven't read the new blueprints that carefully (and haven't seen the new books) to determine what's needed for the voice stuff. Is it just "voice vlan" on the switches? Is it just "voice gets priority" in the QoS stuff? Or does it get into dial peers and voice port configurations?
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