Started to pursue CCIP.

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Folks. I have a question for you? I am working towards going for the R/S as you all know from my intro a while back. I have been working on bgp since i feel that not only is it one of my weakpoints but a major part of the lab itself. While doing so i have had this brainstorm that i should make attempts at the CCIP certification. I was on cisco,s site earlier this morning & i found some conflicting information. Someone had posted in their forum that you have to pass 642-901 BSCI before taking the rest. MY cisco profile shows 642-901 BSCI marked with a ** indicating that information is probably old & that the only requirement from what i comprehend is CCNA which i already possess.

So not to bore anyone, but could someone confirm or deny whether i need to take the 642-901 BSCI 1st? Or can i just go for the 642-661 BGP which i feel i that i am about halfway close to taking?


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    You can take any Cisco exam you like in whatever order you like. Cisco has a very nice website which contains all the information you need about certificates.So who do you believe a random punter on a cisco forum or cisco themselves? I'll leave that to you.
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    If you have any doubt on the exams you need to take, you can check the Certification Progress tab on your Cisco Tracking website.

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    For some reason, i was blind yesterday & never saw the Valid CCNA required. Go figure. I cant believe i overlooked that. DUhhh.
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