Cisco Networking Academy any good?

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Has anyone been through the Academy or know anyone that has? Sometimes when I am alone studying my books, and playing with routers, I wish I was there with other people to speak about what we are learning. The forums here are great, but there is something to be said about instructor/student based training. Plus they might have a lot of cool lab stuff.

Has anyone been through the Academy and is it worth it? Is it expensive? Can't seem to find much information for Singapore. I left my phone number on someone's answering machine, the phone number I found through Cisco's site, and hope he calls back with some information.

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    I liked my CCNA Academy and probably would have done the CCNP Academy Courses if they had been offered.

    See if what I posted in this thread helps:

    Prices and quality can vary.
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    Wow, like a shepard watching his flock, your reply is almost instantaneous. You don't have a blackberry configured to this forum do you? heh heh. Thanks.

    - Optimus
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    Nope.... just taking a study break icon_lol.gif

    Lots of Academies in Singapore, but only 4 when I limited the search to the CCNP Curricula.
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    I am attending the Cisco Academy and will be finishing up in May. I think it is great program to attend and it helps when others are involved too. If you have any question about it, Please let me know :D
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    I'm also attending an academy, a local tech school. Its been all good so far. Lab i wish there was more lab equipment, but i can't complain. We basically have enough stuff for the class to work in groups of twos. Thats not really a huge issue except i find it hard to concentrate when i'm watching someone else work. Specially when you have people who aren't as serious about the class as others. Thats why i'm building my own lab though.

    But i'd reccomend it. the online curriculum is decent too. Its not as thorough as the book, but if you don't want to spend $70 on the book it'll be fine.
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    I went through the Net Academy at my community college for CCNA. I thought it was great overall. I got lucky & had a good teacher. Some of the teachers didn't push the students to get their labs done and usually would give them the answers. My teacher pushed us fairly hard and would force us to find the solutions ourselves. We also had access to tons of equipment.
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    The CNA is very well designed, in my opinion. The fact that they offer updated curriculums online for free is a MAJOR plus! The only failing that I encountered was poor editing of the lab manuals, even the online versions (which were supposed to updated as well!)... You name it, you encountered it. From incorrect IP addresses for the examples to missing commands, the lab manuals were full of holes. Other than that, I fully encourage prospective students in Cisco's networking program to take courses at their institution that utilize the CNA.
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    Yep, there were definitely some inaccuracies and typos in the manuals.

    Another thing I just remembered was I think the CNA exhausted all of the topics. In other words, it Over-prepared me for the exam. This isn't a bad thing, but rather just means they were really thorough.
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