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Just thinking ahead here, but there are now blueprints on Cisco's site at the top page on the CCNP Prep Center. It is suggesting Wireless Access Points, IP Phones, and Firewalls for these two tests. Also, it keeps suggesting 2811s for all routers except for a FR switch, that at least is "user specified". What can use in place of 2811s, cause they are high! 3600? Or, is a bunch of 2600s just fine?

Is it feasible for an individual to actually build this kind of lab?

Are there any online lab providers who have CCNP labs updated for these new exams?

FYI: I mentioned the 2948GL3 in a different thread as a possible alternative to a 3550. For those that don't already know, it's a SET-based switch, so no good for us now.


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    Those suggested lab topologies seem to need a little work.

    BSCI -- 4 enterprise routers, 2 backbone routers, and the frame-relay switch. I like this one. :D

    The 2 2950s and 4 3650s for BCMSN, along with a wireless AP and controller seems a little excessive and expensive for a CCNP exam. icon_eek.gif

    And the ONT used a topology that is labeled BCMSN -- and is using multicast and voip traffic generators -- but seems to be lacking phones and voice ports. I don't recall seeing voice over the wireless in the blueprint -- so i guess the wireless AP and controller is left over from BCMSN. Strange icon_eek.gif I guess the Voice stuff in the blueprint should just be "Voice Trivia."

    As for ISCW.... 3 routers for MPLS? Okay -- I guess this is MPLS for Dummies introduction chapter level stuff. I guess a CCNP level MPLS interview question would be "spell MPLS" -- but I guess at this level is all you need to know are the CE commands and nothing about the MPLS network. They could have at least tossed in the backbone routers from BSCI. icon_confused.gif

    Ah -- but it is the IOS firewall/IPS, not the ASA or PIX or IPS devices.... just an IOS version running on routers.
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    hey mike, I read somewhere that 25xx routers don't support MPLS. Is it true? if yes, which routers do?
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    Dont think so, the 2600 will support it if you get your hands on the correct ios.
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