Is there somebody ?

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As i see no new posts in this section, i do ask myself, is there somebody who passed the new A+ exam, or is willing to pass it?

I am studying for the 70-290 exam, but i put my hands on the new sybex A+ book, and i was thinking it would be great to have this cert.
So for now on , i am dividing my precious study time on 290 and A+, don't know if that is a good idea.


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    A+ 2006 as you know is relatively new so this forum is a little slower likely do to the number of people trying to finish up the old objectives. However, if you looked there are March posts besides yours ;)


    I have the Sybex book and it seems fine (not one of their best but good enough). If you want to take the exam, then take it. However, since you are pursuing the MS certs, you may find those are more desirable to have if you will not be working as repair tech.

    Your choice. icon_wink.gif
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    The A+ is a good cert to have. If you're already emersed in the MS cert however, I would focus on that unless you feel that you will be looking at some entry level job requiring hands-on hardware knowledge. You can always get it afterwards. I always thought of the A+ as the starting point to everything else. I wouldn't advise spltitting your study time either. You'll be cheating yourself on both tests. Pick the most beneficial for you & then get the other one when you've accomplished that. :D
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    Hi all - pretty new to the board... registered a while ago, but I don't think I've posted before. Anyway, as a bit of background I recently got the new A+. I had been dragging my butt in getting ANY cert as my current job t pays well and is secure but it is extremely unsatisfying. I do have quite a bit of time in I.T. but no degree so I looked over the current cert offerings.

    In Dec I decided to finally DO something and picked up Mike Meyers 2003 book and the FastPass book for 2006. The Meyers book I checked out from the library and I purchased the FastPass book. I also cross-checked the Meyers book with Scott Mueller's "Upgrading & Reparing PC's".

    601 wasn't as bad as 604 for me, because 604 had a lot of laptop and printer t/s questions that I frankly haven't had to deal with.

    I kinda wasted time with the holidays and it wasn't until well in to mid January that I picked up the FastPass book. I wasted some time about 2003 vs. 2006 and finally decided that I was sick of memorizing IRQ's and such and reacquainting myself with Win9X so I focused on 2006 instead. I spent about two weeks really reading and reviewing the FastPass book. Once I committed to the 2006 version, I further decided that I should just stick to the hardware aspect and went with the Depot designation. Although I'm comfortable and confident using XP, I haven't had 2000 on any of my machines for several years and didn't feel like messing with it again just for the test. I didn't want my lack of familiarity in completing every variation of a task to harm my chances of success. I passed the 601 & 604 at the end of Feb. with scores of 840 & 845 respectively. Not the highest, but it works for me. ;)

    Unfortunately, I got off schedule for Network+, but that's another story.

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    A+ 2006 was, for me, a real breeze. I had read Mike Meyer's Passport book on it, and it was mostly a refresher.

    When I took both tests, it seems like the main gist of it was people skills. The rest was all things that, bar a few (like processor slots), were completely OS neutral and the kind of thing a tech would fix day to day.

    I took lots of practice exams online, got some test prep stuff, but that was kind of a waste. I ended up passing it without much worry.

    You might do badly if this was your first test and you were worried and a bad test taker, so let's hope that isn't the case for people! :o
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