Netflow - What is it used for?

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OK, just finished the Teare book and took a practice exam on Transcender, which led me to this question.

In the beginning of the book, it states that Netflow is used for network analysis. Then, at the very end, it states that Netflow is used for accounting.

So, if asked a simple multiple-choice question on what netflow is used for, how should we answer?


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    Thanks for the link. Read it and it was useful info, but it doesn't help me answer this question.

    I did also follow the link at the bottom of the wikipedia page to basic info on Netflow from Cisco's site. Here is what it says at the top of the page

    "Cisco IOS NetFlow efficiently provides a key set of services for IP applications, including network traffic accounting, usage-based network billing, network planning, security, Denial of Service monitoring capabilities, and network monitoring."

    Well, it seems that asking such a specific question as what is netflow used for and then having one-word options like accounting, analysis, auditing, etc. is a bad practice question on Transcender's part.


    Is there a preferred answer limited in scope to CCDA requirements?
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