Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Member Posts: 145
Actually about to take CCDA, but this forum is much more popular.

Is ****.com a braindump site or a legitimate test engine?



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    Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Member Posts: 145
    Come on guys, pretty simple question. Just wanna know. If it's not a braindump site, then I would be interested in their practice exams.
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    The name of the site has been automatically edited/obliterated to indicate that it is a braindump. Don't use it!

    Good luck wtih your studies.
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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Is xx xxxx xxxxx.com a braindump site or a legitimate test engine?
    If icon_wm.gif's filters nuke it -- then its a **** site

    You can type the name into a message and use the preview button to see if anything happens to it.
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Just to avoid confusion for the OP: coincidentally I added this site yesterday, so it's possible it wasn't on the list yet when you posted.
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    KaminskyKaminsky Member Posts: 1,235
    Theres so many of them coming out with such fantastic claims, how can you keep up with the filter?

    Deadmaster, I would personally recommend that you don't use the site, or other sites like them, as your only source of study. If you can get free info that will help off them then fine but you have just got to hit the books to get through this. You'll be a far far better net tech because of it.

    I'm sure you already know this which is why you asked about the site.
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    Deadmaster200Deadmaster200 Member Posts: 145
    Yeah, thanks guys.

    The reason I asked is precisely because I already did a search yesterday to see if it was automatically XXXXed out and it wasn't. Haha! What a coincidence that you just updated the list!

    I had a feeling it probably was just based on the look of the site and the fact that they said the CCDA practice test was just recently updated like last month.

    No, I know how to study. And have been. Rereading certain parts of Teare's book with serous concentration on the things I think will be turned into tricky questions.

    It's just that I ordered the CCDA/DP flash card pack from ciscopress.com a few weeks ago, but it's backordered. I was really hoping to use that resource before taking the test, but since I am almost ready, I will have to use Transcender or Boson practice tests in place of that flash card pack.
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Kaminsky wrote:
    ...how can you keep up with the filter?
    I can't. So our filter is certainly no guarantee. The ability to preview a post to check if it's filtered is just a side-effect of trying to keep these sites and a link to them from being posted.

    In this case it's easy though. There are several known legit companies (PrepLogic, Measure Up, ExamForce, Transcender, SelfTest, etc) who've been around for years, some of them have changed owners for millions of dollars. But still, 'they' don't have a product for every single cert exam out there. While new **** sites pop up almost every day, offering 'practice' exams for almost all the known exams. That means they either had a whole bunch of experienced an expensive writers writing practice questions for months or years even, hence a whole lot of money to invest (doing that in this industry would be insane by itself), or, stole the questions from other sources. But it should make you wonder why they didn't invest some money in building a decent test engine, and invest in advertising at the larger clean sites (and yes with our number of members and 140K visitors per month that includes us, though most of them know not to contact us for ads). Which btw doesn't mean that a cert site that does offer an 'offline' test engine is always clean. But the point is, if it's a site offering exams in PDF for pretty much all vendors... run! Even

    Also, in this case: "100% Most Realistic Questions with Correct Answers"...

    It's not just the "100% Most Realistic" part, that used to be marketing fluff before there were commercial ****. But, if you actually wrote the questions and answers yourself, you 'make' the "Correct Answers" so that's obviously implied. The only reason why it's explicitly mentioned... well, it's basically 'code' for cheaters, they're really saying: "we have actual questions and will tell you what the correct answers are".
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