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Can anyone out there recommend a good test prep for Network+


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    i used these methods to pass..same thing i did with A+, and will do the same with MCP next. you dont have to follow these guidelines in order..its just to give you an idea of exactly what i did. its up to you! Regular daily routine exercise is highly recommended. stretch out, walk, or jog..whatever

    1. Have a highlighter and mechanical pencil 0.5 ready<i never liked a pen..lol>

    2. Two 1 Subject Notebooks <70-100 sheets wide ruled>, and have nothing but write this down on the very first page "I WILL PASS THIS NETWORK+ THING" in a huge huge bold letters.

    3. Index cards to use them as Flashies<write down things to remember the most, and dont write long sentences> e.g Class C =
    wrap the cards with a rubber band, and take them to work, school, bathroom, etc and keep flashing them until you put them in ur head.

    4. Read Network+ by David Groth and Toby Skandier <i used 4th edition from Sybex series>, as you read it, highlight anything that you feel might be on the test.

    5. Take notes in your notebook.

    6. Read the book second time..this time..only read the Highlighted areas

    7. Take about 2-3 days break..go to ur GF's house or beach or wherever i dont care..lol..just dont watch Dr. Phil at this time since he doesn't know what he is talking about. hehe <oh..make sure u brought the Fleshy cards with you in case if you wanna refresh>

    8. Now, go to Borders or Barnes and Noble, and get Exam Cram 2 <i used 2nd edition> also grab Exam Cram 2 Practice Questions Book.

    9. Start reading the Exam Cram 2. at the end of every chapters, use Practice Questions to test yourself.

    10. You will find wrong answers when you check it. Calm down..dont panic..its ok..i was doing like 55-60% at first. Whatever the score you get, convert to % and rate it in big numbers..if you got like 43% or less, go play your favorite song of the year really really loud..just make sure its not 1am in the middle of Bronx, NY.

    11. Now, grab your second notebook, and write down the questions that you did wrong. Also, write down its choices A,B,C,D

    12. At the back of the book, write down the answers. Like this : 1. B
    2. B
    3. A

    13. go to this site

    14. Print out the study guide sheet.

    15. Take another 2-3 days break. This time..try to go somewhere not crowded. Relax like you never relaxed before..and DO NOT BRING anything to do with the studies. its almost the time to take an exam, and you really need a big break before going into Major Operation.

    16. Now, review everything ..i mean everything. ur notes..flashies..Q&A notebook..Everything..This day should be a day or two before your Final Exam date at the test center..<please TURN OFF cellphone, house phone, disconnect with outside world..i recommend you tell ur GF or parents not to bother you for 2-3 days> my GF went nuts when i told her that, but she had no choice..lol
    only get out of the house if the world has come to an end, Judgement Day, or you shouldn't unless you want ice cream treat from D.Q..hehe, cuz i did get out for that!

    17. Get plenty of sleep on the night before the exam.

    18. This is an important day of your life. So, tell God that you about to go take the exam and ask him to come with you<assuming you believe in God!> before u leave the house, do the last review quickly.

    19. Take NOTHING but your memory to the Test Center..i know some people like to review before the test, but i dont recommend. I want you to chill a few mins before the test..you have done well my friend, and there is no need to do anything more. Test taker will tell you what you cant do in the room, and let you sign some papers. Just relax..think something funny, smile, and go into the test room FULL CONFIDENCE.

    20. OK..this is it! YOu are taking the test now..Test writers are very very good at tricking you..they have all kinds of ways to Psych you out..Calm down..dont panic..they will give you SOME questions with long long long sentences..like this

    Q: "Susan is System Adminstrator for blah blah blah company. She has xxx Computer, and using xxx OS. Her boss wants her to do blah blah blah.." Now the question is like 4 sentences already, and still not asking you what.."she needs to set up network protocol so her boss can blah blah blah. Which protocol she can use for Directory Access?

    rest of the other stuffs were meant to shake you up..and take ur time..the only part you needed was the last part where it asked you about the protocol.
    So, if you get nervous, you will read the question again..and the thing is you only have 1-2 mins each question ..there goes 5 mins you might have wasted. So, try to read the question at the end of the question, and see if is relevant to the whole question..but in this case. WHO CARES what kind of Comp she has,or where she freaking works, or what her position in a company is.. i guess you know what i am saying..
    But, there are some long questions that are relevant to the whole question.
    If you dont know the answer, mark it, then SKIP..dont waste your time..dont let them do that to you..thats cheap..lol I want you to Hurry, but calmed and patient.

    Give yourself 10-15mins to go back to SKIPPED QUESTIONS.

    21. Use all the time they give you..dont even have 1min unused.

    You will have 80 questions, and 90 mins.

    Good Luck!

    I hope this will help you to pass and get your Network+
    Wish me luck with my MCSA!
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