Will U re-sit for the 2nd Revised version of 71-621 & 71

gomcse2002gomcse2002 Member Posts: 126 ■■■□□□□□□□
For me, I will sit for both 71-621 & 622 !!
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    NinjaBoyNinjaBoy Member Posts: 968
    Yep, me too, well the 71-621 exam (didn't get the invite for the 71-622) :)

    With the free exam, I'll either re-sit the 70-621 if I fail, but if I pass the 71-621 then I'll sit the 70-623 (the consumer support exam).

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    LukeQuakeLukeQuake Member Posts: 579 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'll prolly take my chances and retake 621 :o
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    sthomassthomas Member Posts: 1,240 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I am not sure if I am going to retake the 621 beta. I realize if I don't I will have a less chance of passing with the old 621 beta exam I took but it depends if I get time or not to take it again. I need to finish my MCSE 2003.
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    kyrikazekyrikaze Member Posts: 111
    Me too, I'm going to si again for the 621.
    I'm sad that I haven't received an invitation to sit to the 622.
    It could be a good training before retake the 621. icon_sad.gif
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    APAAPA Member Posts: 959
    Yeah definately going to resit 71-621... If your given a second opportunity to improve why not take it??? Well thats my way of thinking anyways.......

    With the free exam voucher I'm actually comtemplating sitting 70-624....... Wouldn't mind getting my head around a bit of Office 2007.... Who knows when I may need it????

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