Update Resume as one progresses through CCNP

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Hi all,

Pardon if I have missed a forum post about this already submitted.

I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations/suggestions for updateing one's resume as they progress through the different CCNP certification tests ( or any other multi part certification)

I was thinking of something along the lines of :

"Passed 642-*** in partial fulfillment of CCNP Certification"
"CCNP (642-***) as I have seen it posted under people's profiles

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.



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    I very much doubt that its not reccommended to list exams you have passed for multi exam certs. They might ask for clarification though....and make sure you pile the things you have physically done after you have completed the exams....like configuring IGP's etc.
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    I wouldn't put that on my resume, but certainly would mention CCNP during an interview as a goal set. And if they ask - "And how is your progress towards you goal?", you could tell them of the exam passed.
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    I have listed cert progress in two different ways. Sometimes I will mention it in the cover letter. Other times I have created a subsection in the certification section of my resume.

    I would only mention it if you have taken at least one exam and ae close to taking the next test. I don't think it will look good if you mention it on your resume and when they ask about when you are taking the next test, they find out you haven't studied in six months.

    Also, don't list more then one inprogress cert at a time. It's ok on a message board to list preparing for MCSE and CCNP when the person has only passed MCP and CCNA, but on a resume it might show as lack of direction.

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    Or you could simply list the test but not mention the CCNP

    For example


    70-270 - Windows XP Professional
    70-290 - Windows Server 2003

    642-642 - Quality of Service
    642-432 - Cisco Voice over IP
    642-425 - IP Telephony Troubleshooting

    I like this way because just someone sees that you have your MCSE or CCNP, they might not actually know the tests or subjects that comprised that cert. By listing the exams the employeer expects that you should be well versed in QoS, VoIP and IP Telephony for example.
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    Hi Guys,

    don't know about the rest of the world but in the UK there's usually 100+ application for any networking job and for a 'good' job it'll be 200 - 300.

    The first person to see the CVs is generally someone in HR who has next to no knowledge of IT and has probably never heard of Cisco...

    they've been given a check list of things to look for, ie CCNA.

    It's no good just stating CCNP and relying on them knowing that you also have a CCNA

    If you don't mention CCNA & CCNP then you don't get an interview.

    So I list the dates & exams passed, and after a qualifying exam, ie the CIT, I added a second line stating that I was now certified at CCNP...or receryfied, etc.

    I also make a point of putting this early in the covering letter.

    Basically, over here, the reviewer will read the covering letter (as long as it's less than one A4 page), and in the CV glance down the exam list and read the section on 'current skills'.

    If this part of the CV is more than one page in length then you're not getting an interview!

    I have another couple of pages on my CV showing who I worked for and what I did over the years, but I reckon they only get read just before I walk through the door so that they have some questions to ask me.

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    Definitely put that you passed whichever exams you have on your resume. You may not have the whole cert, but for a multi-test certification, showing that you're down the path is way better than not mentioning it at all.
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    And make sure if you don't list the exams to highlight the areas you learned while passing those exams.

    If you passed the routing exam make sure to say

    Configured BGP, OSPF, EIRGRP, IS-IS, redistribution, etc,etc....

    In my mind most CCNA's aren't nearly as valuable as a CCNP. Once you get the knowledge of the CCNP you are truly a Cisco professional and can offer companies valuable knowledge in Cisco networking. The CCNA is more or less a stepping stone, or possibly a supplement to Microsoft certs for most people.

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    I would agree with listing the exams you've taken towards a certification in a seperate list from the completed certs. I don't think there's any need to spell out all the tests you took to complete MCSE, CCNP, LPIC, etc., that's what the full certification titles are for. However, if you list the tests, as bmauro mentioned, as well as the subject of those exams, you can always use them as extra reference of your skills and experience as well as point out that they apply towards CCNP during the interview process. Just be sure to explain that there are four exams in the CCNP path, and you have passed x amount of exams in that process.

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