Three questions

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Hi Folks,

Okay, rack session is over.

1) How the heck do you stop a "debug all" after issuing it? (I'll never do that again.)

I had to blip the rpc to stop the chaos.

2) Is there a "do" command equivalent for the ASA?

On a router, I find it a big relief to issue the "do" command in the configuration modes so I don't have to exit/end/config t all the time.

On the ASA 5510, I can't issue "do," so I gotta go all the way back to enable mode just to show run. Gets aggravating at times when things are moving along.

3) Is there a website for "tips & tricks" for getting around the CLI (other than what's at, of course)?

Or are these tidbits just sprinkled about the web, and ya just gotta keep an eye out for 'em.

Example would be the "do" command, which I'm lovin' more and more. I'm forcing myself to always use the editing key functions because they make a big difference.
Examples: Ctrl-A, Esc-D.

As always, many thanks in advance.


  • forbeslforbesl Member Posts: 454
    1) undebug all

    2) The beauty of the PIX/ASA OS is that you can perform a show (and other commands) now matter where you at in the command line.
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    and if the screen is filling with garbage and the processor is maxing out you may find it easier to type u all (less typing = less chance of a wrong character) and hit the enter key...

    don't forget that the screen will carry on scrolling data output for another 20 - 30 seconds after you've killed all the debug!

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    Check out the alias command for making shortcuts.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for responses. Sorry for late reply, weekend got in the way...

    My problem was what Peter described - the scrolling screen garbage. I panicked and started trying to type all kinds of commands in, but it just kept scrolling.

    I gotta go back on the rack, issue another 'debug all' and do what ya'll advised me just to get it off my mind.

    forbesl - yup, I FORGOT about this feature (show command in different config modes), but at the time, I was working on 4 routers and one ASA. I get so used to issuing 'do' on the routers, when I go back to ASA, brain tells me to 'do' it again.

    EdTheLad - Ya, as soon as I read your post, I went and set up a bunch of alias commands (based on doing a search around here). Looking forward to making them second nature.
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