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Hello, I am going to take my 220-302 at the of April. I am using alot of sources

1. Mike Myers 5th Edition
2. This Site
3. Exam Cram 220-301/220-302 questions!!!
4. My A+ college course
5. Various online practice test/quizzes

My question is, anyone have success with the Exam Cram book. When I take practice exams online, I get around 760-ish every time. And when I take the quizzes I pass all of them no problem. I know the mike myers book is good, also this site, but not sure about the prep logic book. Seems to me like a lot of jib-berish stuff in that book. Thanks in advance..
Soon, I will take the CompTIA A+ exam, pass, and get a got D*** job!!! :^O


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    Study the objectives. If you know them you should be fine. You have plenty of references listed to assist in your studies so I'd doubt this is a problem.

    As far as 'ExamCram2' is what it says....a cram or more like a review guide. I wouldn't recommend it as a sole means of study unless you really only needed to 'review'. Used with the materials you have you may find it helpful during your last couple weeks of prep.

    Use the tool as designed :)
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    Going along with Plantwiz, definitely download the objectives off comptia's website and review them. I personally did use the exam cram book but had a lot of first hand experience and needed to make sure i knew the specifics of certain aspects, so i would recommend the book to be used as a reference and a prep tool for near test time, but if you really want to do well you need to know the various operating systems well. Hope this helps best of luck to ya, and let us know if you need any more help
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    Exam Cram 2 book and Exam Cram 2 Practice Questions book really helped for me.
    I see you got around 760..and thats pretty good.

    Print out this study guide, too. It will help you.

    Good luck dude!!
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