Another "what should I do question" - iNet+/Securi

My saga has a twist.

I'm currently studying for the 70-290 and, after that the 70-291, to get my MCSA. However, I'm a member CompTIA and as such get a 25% discount on any CompTIA exam. I get one discount voucher per year whilst I'm a member (they must be used in that year and will not carry over).

I've got my A+, Network+, and Server+ so want to take advantage of the discount for this year on another exam. My discount for this year expires in September.

I'm thinking I should do i-Net+ or Security+.

I want to see what people would do - whether the i-Net+ is a quicker cert to obtain, what their feelings are to either certification. Which is more valuable? That sort of thing. Keeping in mind I do not want to totally side-line my MCSA studies.

Any advice appreciated.


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    Security+.....if that suits your needs/goald.

    iNet+ ---very easy exam especially if you recently took the Net+ (or at least there was a lot of overlap a few years back). Otherwise, a pretty worthless cert. CIW will be more interesting if you were going to persue that path.

    So, my vote (though what you 'want' is more important) is for Security+
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    You can also use the Security+ to get the the MCSA:Security and MCSE:Security specialization certs too (
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