2 quick questions about 220-301

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1. Are there any true / false questions on the exam?

2. Are there any questions that have multiple answers? For example, does the question say "choose all that apply" or "choose two"?

Thanks, in advance, for your answers.


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    welcome to the forums!

    Second, please observer the various fora where you may ask your questions. This helps keep things tidy as well as puts your question in front of the best group of people to answer it. Doesn't mean others don't know, but you'll be asking a specific question of peers also preparing for the same exam.

    Third, your question really cannot be answered due to the NDA signed by anyone who has taken the exams.

    You will find the information here helpful:



    Thanks and good luck!

    can we get this moved to the A+ forums please?
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    i was replying someone's question last nite, and i think i have broken that law, kind of.
    i didn't tell him how the question were asked, or what questions were on there.
    thing is i told him not to worry too much on xxx because the exam dont really cover those areas..i dont know if i broke the law, because it is written in the A+ book by David Groth..and he mentioned things like that
    I thought the law was not to tell people what questions were asked. I think you can tell people what kind of questions were asked. The instructor at tech school i went to was asked those kind of questions from many students, and he did tell us what kind of questions will be asked. He is still teaching.

    Am i in trouble?
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