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Hey guys!

I am setting up a test lab environment with Windows Server 2003. I can do this at work since we have the licenses and this will be for testing purposes.

I have VMWare with Windows server 2003 and a few XP machines.

I want to set up a fake domain and have the other computers connect to it. I did set up the domain and the DNS server is set as as of now.

Here was the guide I used to do a basic set up:

So now I have as the domain with IP of

How can I get the other XP machines to see this server and join the fake domain?



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    I have recently set this up at home. I just went into My Computer, Computer Name, clicked the change button and typed in the domain details.

    Infact I thinks covered here.

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    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the next article in the series. I must of set something up wrong on the 2003 end because when I try to set the domain with windows xp machine it says no domain controller found.

    When you set up your domain in Windows server 2003 - did you set up both 'configuring your server as a DHCP server' and 'configuring you server as a domain controller' ?

    I will have to look over the article again and make sure I made no mistakes.

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    Hi Sharptech

    I recently setup a Win2k3 lab and done the following:

    Assigned static IP to th 2k3 server

    setup my server to be a DC and used the standard home.local domain

    Then installed DNS, DHCP and Active Directory

    Added the computers into Active Directory (XP Computer name name)

    Configured a DHCP scope (you could just use static IP addresses on your XP clients though and ensure DNS is set to the Win 2k3 server IP address)

    It wasn't actually that hard to get a basic lab up and running using a domain, DNS and DHCP for my clients, but I'm sure there's alot more to it than what I done for supporting this type of stuff!

    Hope this helps man

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    Hi Malc,

    Yeah I need to name the computers in XP to match what I have on the server - it should work then.

    I will mess with it tonight - thanks for the info!
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    sharptech wrote:
    Hi Malc,

    Yeah I need to name the computers in XP to match what I have on the server - it should work then.

    I will mess with it tonight - thanks for the info!

    yeah so you have 2 pcs one named pc1 and one named pc2 (on the physical computer)

    add the computers pc1 and pc2 into Active Directory on the 2k3 server

    on both PCs you go into system properties in control panel, go to Computer name tab then there is an option to add the computer to a domain or workgroup, select domain and just type the full domain name i.e. home.local

    let us know if you get any problems
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    As Malc said icon_exclaim.gif

    Although I dont remember adding the pc's names. I think I just fired up a win2k workstation and changed its domain settings, rebooted and logged in as administrator. I have since added more users to the domain.

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    Thanks guys!

    I will give it a shot hopefully tomorrow sometime - will let you know - thanks for the help.
  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492

    Got it working just fine - did a reboot on all my machines - couple of small configuration's and it works fine.

    Now I am back to studying to 70-270.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    OK one more question - I am back setting up my lab environment.

    I set it up and the instructions say:

    "Warning: The following section will configure your server as a DHCP server. If this server resides on a production network, the server may distribute IP address information that might not be valid on the network. Microsoft recommends that these exercises be completed on an isolated network."

    I am on a Road Runner network - if I set this up with a DHCP server - with the address range that it specify's - will this send out IP's on Road Runner's network -is it safe to enable?

    What does 'isolated network' mean exactly?

    Or what is the best way to set it up w/ out interfering with anything else?

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    Unless you have it hooked up directly to the cable modem, it isn't going to be a problem.

    I imagine RR would have it locked down where the only DHCP traffic allowed on their subnet is from their server
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    Hi Blarg,

    I am running it on a virtual server - the connection comes from my cable modem. I think you are right - RR would block others - only should affect my home machines - but so far no problems.
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