Color Coding schemes

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Do we really need to memorize the following color coding schemes? I think I'd have a hard enough time memorizing the Straight-Through color coding, let alone 2 other coding scheme's! icon_sad.gif


Same on both sides. Usually as follows:
(holding the connector upright
and looking from left to right):
White/Orange; Orange; White/
Green; Blue; White/Blue; Green;
White/Brown; Brown


Pins 1 and 3 and pins 2 and 6 are
switched. One end is configured as
above, but the other end is configured
as follows (holding the connector
upright and looking from left to
right): White/Green; Green; White/
Orange; Blue; White/Blue; Orange;
White/Brown; Brown


One side is completely opposite of
the other side. Typically, one end is
configured as a straight-through
cable and the other end is configured
as follows (holding the connector
upright and looking from left to
right): Brown; White/Brown; Green;
White/Blue; Blue; White/Orange;



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    There are only 2 conventions I'm aware of.

    568A and 568B

    In all honesty, while I do follow 568B for straight long as your cable segment ends really doesn't matter.

    So for a straight cable...both ends are either 568A or 568B (my preference is B) or whatever matches the mess someone created before you got there.

    A cross-over cable is 568A on one end and 568B on the other.

    Unless something has changed....
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    T-568B is

    white orange-orange-white green-blue-white blue-green-white brown-brown

    T-568A is

    white green-green-white orange-blue-white blue-orange-white brown-brown

    T-568B is the industry standard. If you notice most of the patch cables that you buy is the B standard. Some company still make it using standard A.

    I don't think that is on the test much, but it is good to know. I had an interview one time, where the guy that was asking the question wanted me to tell him both standards off of the top of my head. So this information is good.
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