network+ what does this qualify you as?

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Sorry everyone but I have to ask this question; what exactly do you become when network+ certified? a network technician, engineer or what. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    if you are lucky, an IT professional with basic knowledge about networks. Network+ typically doesn't lead to a 'real' networking job, it is 'just' a good start. icon_wink.gif
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    I was wondering the exact same thing. I have a title at work of a "network technician" but I do not have my network+ yet. So when you get your MCSE, then we move into engineer right?
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    Not necessarily - it really depends on what titles your IT drpartment uses. Where I work I handle MS, Novell & Linux OS - Network configuration and management - PC, laptop and printer repairs ... I am titles Systems Engineer. A friend working for a company doing basically the same thing is titled an Information Specialist - like I said, how your company defines things.
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    I agree, the title of your certs do not dictate your job title. I've seen dozens of job titles for basicly the same thing, and in case a company can't think of a name they will use 'consultant' or indeed something vague like "Information Specialist" RussS mentioned.

    I think most common is that an system/network-admin administrates, troubleshoots, etc. and an -engineer 'creates' (installs, implements, configures) and 'after' that you may become a -designer (telling engineers what to do) or consultant (telling what obviously should be done and what your designers and engineers can do icon_wink.gif )
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    I definitely want to move into a consulting position then :D
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