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hi everyone I've been worknig hard and I'm nailing practice test questions and am comfortalbe with lab work

my only concern is non of my practice material has WSUS questions just SUS ones

I've delpoyed SUS at work but ti was a simple deployment with only one computer group

I've read the Step-by-step guide and I've read the White paper

some are saying the questions are hard but realistically are they very complicated or just the Basics like

hard ware and software requirements

setting up a gpo

configuring locales

deploying front end and thne back end WSUS server (one doenloads others are syncniing

or are they getting into very complex stuff

I don;t want questions but jsut some clarifacation on the realistic difficulty of these questions

thanks SG


  • SRTMCSESRTMCSE Member Posts: 249
    It's hard to remember since my 70-291 was a few years ago, but it's pretty basic. Setting up the GPO and configuring the synchronizations is as in depth as I got.
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    I just wrote the exam last week had several WSUS questions all very real world questions. I setup WSUS at work with roughly 1200 clients so all questions made complete sense and was easy it refer to my config at work.

    Its impossible to beat real world experience.

    Cheers and Good Luck.
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    I had a bunch of questions regarding WSUS and some of them seemed a bit tricky but are realistic. Not sure what you are doing lab-wise, but I would spend a few hours setting up a couple WSUS servers and playing with some various configurations.
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