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I been studying my ass off and passing every exam ive been given i did the one on this site, Mike Meyers, Cram Session, Expert Rating, TechSkills (my school), i keep passing but im still worried that ill be stumped when i go to take the test. Like i said i read
Mike Meyers Network+
Session Cram Network + 2005
TechSkills (school)

Does anyone have any questions from the actual exam they could send me so i can see what they are actualy like its the whole interface is what im concerned about.

Thanks Corey

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    You alrady have enough materials to study and i think you probaly ready to go with real exam. if you followed all exam objects, so no need to worry for actual test. I use this site for my study and also use for free test. both sites are very good.
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    You should be ok, good luck!
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    Soory mate, most of the questions on all the web pages I've visited are similar to the atual exam but it only depend on the day itself.Also do not go into the exam room with any weaknesses and that's it in my opinion. Been through it myself. I simply did not make it because of certain weaknesses, namely Netware, Mac and Linux.
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