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Hi Everybody.

Wel, this is my first post here and a real big doubt that has been hindering my confidence for the past two days.

Here's my doubt: In the CWNA exam that I shall be taking anytime in the next two days,

if any question has more than one answer, will it be specified like 'Choose two" or "Choose three". Or will it not be specified??

Please this is tortturing me! I am a student still and its big money I a paying on the exam (Although money is not the main crieteria), I just dont wan the wron thin to happen in the exam! I love wireless and thats the reason I am takin the exam! Please help!!!
Hi. I am CyberKing.
I have a passion for Web development and offlate I have started to love Wireless and its applications which is the motivating factor for me to enroll myself into this forum. Guess, its a lot of fun.


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