Dlink router DI-604 problems

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I am having some problems with my dlink router. I can connect on the internet fine most of the time but every so often , I get kicked from the connection or something and it disconnects me and so when I open the web browser I get nothing. Google won't even work. I tried repairing my connection (since I have XP) but it still doesn't work. The only thing that will get me back on the internet is to restart my computer. It seems rather annoying to have restart like this every so often. Might you know what's wrong? I've basically gone with all the basic settings. When the router is working, everything work fine just every so often I have this issue. Any ideas?


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    ant0870ant0870 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I wouldn't be so sure that the problem is the router. It sounds more like a problem with TCP/IP on your PC. Next time this happens try to ping before you reboot the PC. I suspect this will fail, if it does then try reinstalling the TCP/IP stack.
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