Public FOlder Tree deleted - help

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Hey gurus,
how you all doing!?

well stupid me. I deleted the Public Folder Tree in our Exchange system
manager. But at home it says i cant on my test exchange MMC.

you have to love MS$$, something as hard as getting your Public Folder tree
back after deletion on one machine it says you cant ;same version of software
and on the other bam delete! wtf!

hy guys; does anyone know to restore Public Folder Tree; my Public Folder Store
will not mount at all! say replication error! i have done the setup.exe /domainprep
and doesnt work. now! what.
we need these folder active?
does anyone have a gun to shot myself with! i cant believe it! i got click happy
looking for stuff and and bam delete the folder tree. never asked me do you want to do delete else i would have said NO!
thanks guys icon_cry.gif


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    Did you try it in Disaster Recovery mode? This link might help:
    Installing Exchange (and any service packs that were running on your server before the disaster) in Disaster Recovery mode prevents the Setup program from mounting the databases after the Setup program is completed. You can then correctly restore and mount your Exchange database backups at the end of the setup process. Before you restart your server, as prompted by Exchange Setup, make sure that the log files have completed replaying.
    All things are possible, only believe.
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    hey dude; thanks for the reply.
    that is my next recourse. I think it will work; but my boss is having
    or MCSE guy look at it. pisses me off. i sware i didnt click delete.
    was looking at menu right click and when i went to click properies it bounces to
    (the blue tag)and bam deleted it; no yes or no or access denied
    freaking weird. at home my exchange will not let you delete the public folder tree?
    but yeah, i think they our MCSE vendor guy will do this and then restore from backup.
    but i thouight maybe someone had a trick!

    I hate microsoft in that if you can easily delete it you would think it would be easy to put back! or be conisstant with their trial versions. maybe some rights/perms were messed up i dont know but freaked me out andmy boss is pissed at me.
    i am hving a bad day. on one hand i get our new SPAM program working great
    called Mail Marshal; very nice and powerful and on the other hand Oopsy!
    delete; not feeling so itdaddy today; i have an alter ego called itdummy!
    on the lose today
    thanks Sprkymrk!
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    Believe me, I know that siiinking feeling. icon_eek.gif

    First the denial - I didn't really delete it, it's still there. No big deal, don't panic...

    Then you get mad - Crap! Stupid lousy dumb peice of crud! Why didn't it click where I told it to click!? Peice of junk Microsoft crap! Stupid computer! Stupid mouse!!!

    Then the begging - Please oh please let me get it back! Pleeeease!!! Let it be in the recycle bin! Maybe I can right click and restore? Pleeease help me find it Lord!

    Then the depression and resolve - Oh well. Too late now. Guess I better update my resume. I'm going to tell the boss I'm sick and need to go home. I am toast...

    Hang in there Robert! You'll be able to laugh about this some day! :)
    All things are possible, only believe.
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□

    oh my God i almost $hit myself when reading your reply ; you have lived my life.
    am cutting and pasting this so i can copy and keep on my tack board to laugh.
    you are freaking hilarous. thanks for encourgement. they got it back
    but check this out..

    Microsoft MCSE said they had never heard of this. and that you should by default and forever never be able to delete the Public Folder Tree period. They said it was and anomoly!No $hit! they did what you said. setup.exe /disasterrecovery switch
    and restored from backkup! because they could not get it back and were as puzzled as me...oh my god dude your reenactment is just what I went through; hahaahaha

    this forum rocks and people like you spkrymrk make it great thanks so much
    goll darn IT ego's that we have! got to keep them! up you know! hahahha

    what really pisses me off the most is that "I never know enough" I wish
    i had more money to take Boot Camps in MCSE and CCNA etc...
    I have some great CBTs but wish I didnt need a girlfriend (yeah right)
    and wish I didnt need to eat; just hammer out the training so I know so much
    more of what really goes on. Sometimes I don't like to black box things
    but that is all you can do! There is so much to learn I just dont have the time.
    I know it sounds kind of weird, but there are IT guys and then there are guys
    like me who love this $hit! and want to be Grand Master but also I believe in Team effort! as well! IT is way too big to know it all! Though it is a nice Hollywood dream

    Thanks sprkymrk!

    itdaddy out!
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    Really glad they got it back. :)
    Glad I could make you laugh. icon_lol.gif
    Carry on! icon_cool.gif
    All things are possible, only believe.
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
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