Failed in CWNA!

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Well, I am out of mood. Took my first certification exam, CWNA and the result is I fail by 2 percent. I got 68 %.

I guess I hadnt studied the 802.3 clause 33.. There were several questions upon it.

Can please somebody tell me what I should do now? How costly is it to take the exam again?
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    Don't be too down on your self. I took two shots to pass CWNA and two more to pass CWSP. The retest is just another test, same price as you paid for the first one.

    You should have gotten some feedbcak on what you were weak on, so now you know where to focus. I found the IEEE spec and the IEEE 802.11 Handbook very usefull. The spec should be a download. The handbook is available through Amazon. Both will be invaluable if you decide to go furhter and do the CWSP.
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    I'm so sorry that you failed the CWNA exam on your first try. The topics on the exam can be a bit of a surprise when you first see it. Take heart in that now you know what the exam is like, your chances of passing it on your second try are very good.

    There is no indication on the Registering for a CWNP Exam FAQ that a retest is a different cost than the first test. However, if English is not your first language, you can request an extra 30 minutes to take the test.

    As for what to study for your second try, you've seen the types of questions on the exam that you did not know or we not sure about. Study those topics completely until you are confidant that you are ready to test again. And don't rush through the test; take your time and think about the questions carefully.
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