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Has anyone had any experience with third party user migration utilities? I have a large number of workgroup users from a new company that I need to migrate into a domain. moveuser works but there are alot of apps that have particulair profile paths that some use system variable and some don't. It would be helpful if there was a decent utility that would be able to automate some of this if possible.


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    Only one I ever used was made by Quest I think. Didn't like it though.

    We had a small 400 user/computer environment we migrated from NT4 to W2K3 AD. We had some problems with the software but I admit some of it was due to a lack of training on the product itself.
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    We use Quest migration utilities for most of our client's migrations. I've only worked with it doing Novell to Windows as I am just now getting more into the Exchange side of things; but I do know the majority of the time we're using it for Exchange as well.
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