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I am getting ready to take the beast.
I passed 70-270 , 70-290 and 70-350
I decided to take this last for my MCSA because it is the toughest...
I studied measure up, Kaplan Self Test as well as the MS Press Questions.
I plan to buttress on WSUS next tuesday,,,Wed.. the test is Thursday
I have access to a lab on those days..
DNS is getting better
IPSEC and security feel strong.
Subnetting is fair to midlands....
Routing and static route adding is ok... still have one week.
Will hammer it hard this weekend. I have a shift on Saturday and can study hard..
Any pointers would be well appreciated...javascript:emoticon('icon_eek.gif')


  • georgemcgeorgemc Member Posts: 429
    I'm in a similar boat to you. Mine is scheduled 4 days after yours (2 April) and I'm feeling somewhat anxious. So good luck on the exam! :)
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  • Ye Gum NokiYe Gum Noki Member Posts: 115
    Three words for you: DNS, DNS, DNS.

    WSUS is also interesting. It's very prevalent on the exams from what folks are saying, but it's not very hard to learn at all, and if you already use it or have used SUS, then, you should be able to get it all straight in your mind and then its like getting freebies for your answers.

    Oh yeah, don''t forget your RRAS.

    Good luck,
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