Passed CCIE sec written

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Bl00dy hell icon_eek.gif

Never thought I'd get this far and thinking back the days when I started, this exam didnt seem as hard as the CCNA when I took it then- maybe some of this stuff is actually going in!!

Anyway as described before I took the 350-018 whilst it was still valid (due to change next month) which has now kept my NP valid for a while longer.

100 Q's with a pass mark of 70% (got an 86)

For resources I read lots of odds and bods but the main books I used were the official Cisco press exam guide and the ccbootcamp book. Test questions from both books. thanks to all on here - not posted much but have been lurking now for a while picking up tips and tricks

A few days rest I think then i'll be on the lab trail. Will start buying up some basic kit for the routine stuff and then may come knocking on Darby's door to use his racks at some point.

Quick Q? what lab guides do people swear by here??

jimjamuk :D


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    hey congrats man
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    Quick Q? what lab guides do people swear by here??
    There are similar semi-reviews in other posts but here's a good one to start with:
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    Congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    jimjamuk wrote:

    (..)thinking back the days when I started, this exam didnt seem as hard as the CCNA when I took it then- maybe some of this stuff is actually going in!!

    That was a nice feeling, wasn't it? :)

    I had similar experience in university during the last term, where all of previous material comes together.

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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    The only workbook currently shipping for the V2 Security Lab is the IPExpert Workbook and Proctor Guide V4. The workbook includes Technology Lab Sections and the 7 full practice labs.

    InternetworkExpert is close... Paper and electronic versions of their workbook (which includes Technology Labs and the solutions) are offered. If you pre-order the paper, they might give you electronic access until the paper version is shipped -- the Technology Labs and first 3 Workbook Labs are available now electronically. At 780 pages (split into 3 PDFs), the Technology Labs could easily keep you busy until the rest of the Labs are ready (and the paper version ships).

    I've already ordered my NLI (ccbootcamp) Security Workbook Upgrade, but its not shipping yet. They also have been promising Technology Labs... if they don't ship with the workbook, they will be available for order as an upgrade. I like the R&S Soup to Nuts format (labs in one book, then the lab questions with solutions and verifications in the solution books -- with R&S broken up into Core and Non-Core solutions -- which make good study guides on their own for review). Hopefully they will use that format for the Security Technology Labs.

    IPExpert has also updated their Security Bootcamp Audios for the new lab version .... but the $800US price tag even makes me pause when I think about ordering.... but some day, after a few beers, I'll probably break down and order them. <<just thought about it again right now.... $800?!?! ? but the moment passed :D>>

    InternetworkExpert has their "Live" Internet Security Lab V2 Class-on-Demand next week (rescheduled from the first week of March).... and still had some seats available. I think they had the Workbook/COD deal. It was in their March Newsletter. You could also order the access to the recorded sessions later.

    And I think that is the entire summary of 3rd party Security Lab study materials -- at least what I've found. There may the in person bootcamps, but I'm saving researching those until after my 4th attempt at each lab icon_lol.gif
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    Thanks guys

    Its a great feeling knowing that bit is over - now onto the real work. Like I said a few days rest and then I'm gonna start purchasing some kit for the routine stuff. The ASA cost a fortune at the moment so will rent that along with the IDS i think.

    Thanks for the info Mikej412 - I'll have a look at the workbooks you suggest but now the states are higher so are the prices! icon_rolleyes.gif

    Once I get into the swing of things I'll keep you all up to date

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    I cleared my ccie security written today .Oh wow it was quite an exam . in fact they included a lot of stuff from various topics including switching . I think it was great to add all this stuff . Now to work on the lab . I spent 4 months for my routing lab and cleared it in my first attempt i hope i can do the same for this one . Need to get the equipment in place .
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    Congrats nitishh ! Good luck for your lab jimjamuk icon_wink.gif
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