Passed my network+ last week

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I just wanted to say thank you to all who post on Although I hadn't posted anything until now I used the advise that was given to many other testers and utilized the practice exams to get ready. Apparently the advise paid off I passed my network+ last week. I passed by the skin of my teeth with a 576 but I passed and now I have a list of topics I can study up on to ensure I know what I need to know.

Thanks again to everyone!
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    congrats :D whats next?
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    Well I already have my A+, now I have my Net+ I' m going into some microsoft classes but truly think I should wait for more hands on experience before attempting those exams.
    I will be taking linux+ classes in about three months and I have one more voucher since I havn't failed any cert exams yet. I may use that voucher on my linux+ or security+ which I will be studying soon after linux.
    Either way I know where I'll be looking for exam advise and practice questions. This forum truley made the differance in the outcome of my exam.
    Thanks again to everyone.
    Be nice to geeks; it's a good chance yo'll end up working for on someday
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