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Ok, so I am having a problem pulling the correct data within crystal.

It is pulling from the correct field but for some reason it is pulling the very first entry of that column instead of the one thats tied to the ticket number.

Here is what I have.

I have an accounting program. The following data is what we use.

Data and Time
Ticket Number
Station Number

Quantity Sold Item# Description Price Unit of Item Extended Price

Sale Subtotal
Net Tender


So here is my problem. The notes field is reporting the very first entry in that column rather than the notes that are entered into the ticket.

The problem that I think I am having is that the Header information does not have a TKT_NOTE column. This is where your Ticket notes cross reference with the header information so it knows which ticket number to place it on, therefore it just pulls the first information in that column rather than tying it to the ticket.

If you want to view the report I would appreciate it.

PS_TKT_NOTE is the table I am pulling from, and NOTE_TXT is the column I am pulling from.

Usually NOTE_TXT needs to be under PS_TKT_HDR so it can report correctly.


  • TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    How about this... Will this formula work?


    This would be a variable of NOTE_TXT, that way it would look to the ticket date?

    I am grasping at straws....

    I have tried {PS_TKT_HDR.TKT_NO} = "41041" and this works fine. But the problem is I want it to select the ticket number as the ticket is being created because this is used for invoicing and not as an after the fact report.

    Please any help would be much appreciative!
  • TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    Ugh. It seems SQL, Crystal advice is hard to find...

    I have tried a lot of different places on the net and no one seems to know the answer. I guess I will pickup a Crystal book and brush up on my coding.
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