T-mobile VS. Alltel concerning coverage service and quality

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I am debating on either signing up with Alltel or T-Mobile. I have heard great things about T-Mobile, but then I heard their coverage is horrible in places like Nevada and California. The bonus is they have that add 5 friends talk plan and it's only 49.99!
Alltel has the same plan but with 10 friends for 59.99.
However, although I have heard more positive about Alltel working in the mid-west and west coast, the two areas that I would need them, they have all these suspicious roaming areas and areas with no coverage, their map is so small that you can hardly see what exact city they actually cover or don't cover. They offer no roaming for an additional 10 dollars a month!

T-mobile has free roaming, however... Every review I have read on the internet has said their quality sucks, the coverage sucks, etc...

Can anyone help me.

Spring, Nextel, US Cellular and Cingular are not options. I have experience with those and although Cingular may techincally be the best, since they merged with AT&T, they have gone down hill and they are high for what you get.

Anyone have experience with T-mobile or Alltel, especially in the midwest or west coast? Thanks.
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