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I'm preparing to write the Security+ exam on Friday... I've studied a couple of books specifically on the subject (one of them was Sybex). I am also practicing with Transcenders, and although I am passing each practice test, the margin by which I am passing is a little concerning. I noticed that the passing cut-off is MUCH icon_eek.gif higher than with A+, Network+, and i-Net+. What is the actual passing mark, and how well should I be doing on Transcenders before attempting this exam?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. icon_scratch.gif


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    My brother-in-law teaches Security plus. He's told me not to underestimate the exam. Generally, Transcender is harder than the actual exams. Almost overkill even. I may be wrong, but I think passing is 776 / 1000. When I use Transcender(A+, N+, MCSA), I try to get at least 80% before feeling totally confident to take the exam.
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    The passing mark is 764 on a scale of 100/900
    Taking the Exam
    The Security+ exam consists of 100 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. The minimum passing score is 764, graded on a scale of 100 - 900. Test results are displayed as soon as you complete the exam.
    You want to be passing the Transcenders comfortably before you sit this exam - it is a killer compared to other offerings from Comptia.


    I agree with your brother in law - do NOT underestimate this test.
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    Passed (just barely) with 87% (85% is passing with this one). There were alot of questions with multiple right answers - it is far more difficult to pick out the MOST right answer from many right answers than to pick out the one right answer from wrong answers. At least that cert is over with now. I figure I should probably round of the set (A+, Network+, i-Net+, and Security+) with Server+.

    Does anyone know how much over lap there is between Server+ and the 4 I've already completed? Also, how does the Server+ exam rate compared to Security+ exam (difficulty level I mean)?
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