A+ 301 & 302 Exams - Scoring Questions

I am confused about exactly how this version of the A+ exam is scored.

All of the study material that I posess, and the Techexams practice tests, show a passing score of 80%. However, on the forums and exam detail pages here I see passing scores of 515 and 505 pts for the Core and OS exams. Based on the 100-900 scale, this would equate to passing scores of about 64% and 63%. An 80% would be about 640 pts. So, which is it?

This is probably linked to the paragraph above, but the scale is also an enigma to me as well. Where does the lower-boundry of 100 and upper-boundry of 900 come from? I heard that supposedly the test automatically passes or fails you depending on the amount of questions you answer right and wrong, regardless of how far into the test your are. Is this where the boundries originate from?

I know this may be a bit confusing, but I'm just trying to get a understanding of this so I can set a goal for myself. I don't want to shoot for a passing score of 70% and find out that I need an 80% to pass! :P
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    let it go. CompTIA keeps the details of scoring a well kept secret. They won't even explain it to the SMEs so anyone who tries to explain it is guessing, at best. They keep the specifics of scoring ambigous to help protect the security of the exams.

    Your best course of action is to shoot for 100%. This will give you the best margin for error. Anything else is selling yourself short. icon_cool.gif
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    Heh, fair enough. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the non-disclosure agreement they make test takers sign, and all the cheaters out there.
    "Facts are meaningless. They can be used to prove anything!"
    - Homer Simpson
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