True 64-bit machines?

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Hey techies.

To me a true 64-machine has three requiremenst to be a true 64-bit machine.

1. 64 bit cpu
2. 64 bit FSB
3. 64-bit OS

what else do you need to qualify a machine to be 64 bit?
And can some machines be 64 bit processor but not a true 64-bit machines?
I guess what I am asking in regards to above is more in relation to what components of hardware do you need to be a True 64 bit machine. I realize the OS is important.
But this in regards to loading Exchange 2007. I hear it needs a true 64-bit hardware.
which i thought allyou need is cpu and FSB to be true 64 bit? Any other hardware?

just need someone expert advise.

thanks in advance! icon_eek.gif


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    Well, you need to look at the software's requirements to determine what type of 64-bit operating system is needed. If Exchange 2007 must run on a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003, then whatever hardware is acceptable to that OS is your "true 64-bit hardware." My guess is that any software advertised to require "true 64-bit hardware" is itself a "true 64-bit application," and therefore can't directly run on a 32-bit machine.
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    I don't know if my FSB is 64 bit, probably not, but I run Debian etch 64 bit on a AMD 64 bit Turion.
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    hey remyforbes777 and jdmurray

    I just thought if you had:
    64 bit processor you would think you would have a 64 bit FSB wouldnt you?
    what would be the point of bottlenecking??? but i have heard of 64 bit CPU
    with 32 bit fsb somewhere. very hard to find Documenation on this
    cause so many anomolies out there. But to me
    a true 64 bit machine is:

    1. cpu 64bit
    2. fsp 64 bit
    3. 0S 64 bit

    and then add exchange 2007 which is 64 bit application.

    just thought there might be more than what i think defines true 64 bit.
    thanks dudes.

    icon_eek.gif (i like this look)
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    The size of the FSB is not tied to the size of the registers in the CPU, so you can have any size FSB (e.g., 32-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit) used by a 64-bit CPU. The size of the FSB is determined by the Northbridge/Southbrige chipset used. I also believe that the BSB must be the same size as the CPU registers.
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