Passed BSCI 642-901 988/1000!!

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Well, I passed it today. 988/1000.icon_lol.gif

It was quite tough exam! Surprisingly had a lot of questions on IPv6 and multicasting and only few on BGP. Mostly OSPF and EIGRP which I nailed :)

I think I will go for BCMSN next. Any recommendations what to use to prepare for it?



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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats man! what study material did you use and how long did you study for?
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  • eniaceniac Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Cisco Press Book, Learnkey Training videos and mostly Dynamips in use icon_wink.gif

    It tooks me about 2 months to get ready for the exam.
  • optimusoptimus Member Posts: 183
    Two months to get ready is very impressive. Very impressive indeed. How much time a day did you put in studying?
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    lol 2 months :p must be beause he has working experience and everything was easy to learn....

    I have been studying BSCI for like 2 months and i just have covered almost 4 chapters of the 8 O_o well more likely 3 1/2 chapter hehe

    And i still need to learn more about those 4 chapter i alredy know :) guess i will do this exam on september
  • optimusoptimus Member Posts: 183
    I met a CCNP the other month who was HEAVY into working with routers, etc. and so I asked him how long it took him to pass. He told me it took him 2-3 years. Like eniac's case though, I have heard of people flying by some of these exams. I suppose that if I put in 6 hours a day, maybe five days a week, I might also be able to do it, but my current schedule is something around 1-2 hours a night, maybe 5-6 days a week. I know I should probably crank this up to 3 hours a day and 6 days a week, which is the routine I am sliding into slowly. I am planning to take this exam hopefully this summer. I will never post the exaxt time, nor tell anyone, not even my wife when the exact test date it. I believe all it does is add pressure to the exam. If I ever take the CCIE lab though, I am sure I will need to explain it to a lot of people, like my employer. There is no way I can cover up going to Sydney Australia, which is where I plan to take it since it is one of the closest places to me. I have been there before also and I am familiar with the area. :)
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    Studying 3-4 hours a day(evenings) during the week and 10 -12 hours per weekend.I missed even the party for my birthday icon_rolleyes.gif
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    As I've said before: Social life is over rated :)
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    Inc wrote:
    As I've said before: Social life is over rated :)

    Word :)
  • optimusoptimus Member Posts: 183
    If you think social life is overrated, its because you never had a decent one in the first place. heh. icon_twisted.gif
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    Great score! Good luck for bcmsn test icon_wink.gif
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  • markzabmarkzab Member Posts: 619
    I don't think 2 months sounds like too short a time at all...

    This was back a long time ago but I was averaging about 1.5m per test...

    640-506 CCNP - Support
    13-Feb-2001 (P) CCNP

    640-505 CCNP - Remote Access
    19-Jan-2001 (P) CCNP

    640-503 Routing
    08-Nov-2000 (P) CCDP, CCNP

    640-504 Switching
    11-Sep-2000 (P) CCDP, CCNP

    640-441 Designing Cisco Networks
    31-Jul-2000 (P) CCDA10

    640-407 CCNA
    23-May-2000 (P) CCNA

    It looks like it took me 6.5 months from the first day I opened my first CCNP test book until I passed my 4th one to get that damn cert locked up. If I remember correctly I'd spend about 2 hours max per night reading and studying. Maybe like 5 days a week. I just think it depends on how you study and how well you retain the information.

    2-3 years sounds like the person who was doing it just read 5-10 pages a day. I forget which one of those is the BCMSN though (Routing, Support, Switching, or Remote Access). Unless the tests have gotten 50x harder over the past 6 years I think 2 months is a good time frame.

    My .02 cents
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