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Does the 70-298 have simulation items? I'm getting ready to take it in a couple days and from what I can see it's mostly case-study scenarios. Every MS test I've taken so far has sims so I wouldn't see why 298 would be different.


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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I'm taking the exam on friday, and from everything I've seen it's a pure design exam, where you read a case study and then answer a bunch of questions.
    If I'm wrong I'd love to know.
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    Let me know how it turns out, I'm scheduled to take 294 and 298 on Monday.
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    hanakuin wrote:
    Let me know how it turns out, I'm scheduled to take 294 and 298 on Monday.

    You're taking two certification tests the same day? You forgot to say after the exams you're going to wrestle a crocodile, then skydive (heck, wrestling that croc again!), then run the Ironman triathlon, winding up the day by personally biatch slapping Bin Laden in the head.
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    You forgot to add... while blindfolded icon_cool.gif
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    Passed the 70-298 today with a 757, I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I just starting coaching two weeks ago and don't have as much time to devote to my studies.
    1 more exam for my MCSE.

    298 did not have any simulations on it. It was pretty much all just read an answer the question, with a few places you had to a drag and drop.
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    Congrats on the pass!!!
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    Better late than never, congrats on your pass!
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