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Ok so i'm looking to branch out into the linux world... if not professionally in the immediate sense, then at least preparation for possible future employment prospects.. and also as a hobby. But regardless of why it is something i've been taking pretty seriously.

First, my studying methods. I don't just want to pass an exam, I want to know it. So night after night, I take notes on 3 - 4 CBT nuggets, and i do at least one chapter in my Linux + Certification Bible.

During the day while at work, (i just started doing this), I take notes on an RHCE Certification e-book. Or go over documentation over at IBM about a lot of the basics.

My current background: I currently have 2 year experience at Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels of support in enterprise envrionments (a year per Tier) and one year experience being the all around "go to guy" in a small company about about 60-70 people. I have a Bachelor's degree in Network and Computer Management (basically telecommunications, with a minor in computer information systems).

I've used linux as my primary OS at home for 15 months now. (Started off with Ubuntu, went to Fedora for a month, back to ubuntu, and have been with Opensuse 10.2 for 3 months now).

I run my own webserver on ubuntu, have learned a bit about apache, .htaccess, and i run drupal's php and mysql backed content management system. I also run Novell's alpha (and abandonned) Hula Project as my personal groupware server for e-mail (i don't really use the calendaring).

Professionally speaking my linux usage has been limited to setting up and supporting a Debian/DansGaurdian/Squid proxy appliance for content filtering and that's about it.

So where to go from here? I've never compiled a kernel on my own, i've never done linux from scatch, but i'm looking to start my certification journey.

Do i start with RHCT? LPI? or the Linux +?

What method and how much time should i devote to studying? At what point should i feel comfortable enough that i think i am capable of passing whatever certification i take? I am a bit biased towards myself.. i'm either arrogant about my abilities, or insecure about them, but rarely do i feel i have a good grasp on what is needed to pass a test.

How do you feel about CBT Nugget training? Or the Linux + Certification bible? Do you recommend doing the multiple choice at the end of every chapter? The short essays? or both?

On a professional level, would it be best to jump right into the Redhat path and take on certifications that are geared more towards industry... or vendor neutral exams that don't quite show off as much?

Depending on what exam i'm going after, what kind of time period should i give myself to study before taking the exam? I feel structure is needed on my end or i'll one night, and not for the next 3-4, then study again and that's just not a healthy way of going about it to me.

any help, opinions, shared experiences, would be more than welcome.
Currently wanting = Linux+, RHCT and MCP. One step at a time.


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    You seem like you more versed with Linux than the average user. Ubuntu is good but the fact that it works right out the box kind of makes a person lax in really learning about the internals of Linux. Install a netinstall version of Debian and build it from there. Install CentOS to get familiar with .rpm package management. You sound like you would be ok. There is some security stuff on the Linux + exam so you might want to make sure you touch on that. SSH type related questions. Being that you have set up Apache, worked with Squid is great. Make sure you know the intricacies such as kill commands, ps commands, adduser commands, and definitely know the .rpm package commands. You sound like you would be okay though.
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    I think your on the right track. You seem dedicated and definately have the right attitude. The key to learning linux is just by using it. Actually apply the things you see in your cbts and read in your books.

    I beleive that linux+ is probably the easiest linux cert and a good place to start

    linux+ > LPI 101/102 > lpi 201/202 > RHCE

    That would be a logical progression in terms of difficulty, but that in no way means it has to be done that way.

    The only prerequisite is that you have your LPI 100s before the 200s.

    If you are worried if you have studied enough just go to their respective websites and print out the objectives for the exam. Then just focus on weak points till you know you have it.
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