Now I know why everyone calls the 70-291 The Beast

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I just wrote the 70-291 today... At the end of the day, I passed with a 760... I thought I would have done better after reviewing the questions. I guess there was some really tricky questions in there! Lots of WSUS, DNS, DHCP and some IIS, Network Monitor, logging ect... Now onto the 70-293... Any suggestions? BTW... Love the forum!


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    Welcome to the site, and congrats for passing! My advice for 70-293 is to not use the MSPress book. I definitely suggest the Syngress book for this exam. Good luck and see you over in the 70-293 forum section!
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    Congrats! icon_mrgreen.gif
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    Congrats for passing!
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    Congrats! :D
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