IIS is freaking out

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Alright, I was installing IIS remotely (logged on as domain administrator), and it went through the install fine. However, it will not load the IIS Manager snap-in. It won't load inetman, nor will it load http://localhost/WSUSAdmin.

It will show the "Under Construction" page on http://localhost/. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling through both windows components and server manager... but it won't change.

Any ideas? I really need to review WSUS, but am unable to get it to work.

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    Taken from M$ Technet
    The "Under Construction" page should appear any time you access the default Web site from a remote IP address. If you access it from a local IP address, the IIS online documentation should be displayed. If you access http://localhost in Internet Explorer, and you do not have Default.htm or Default.asp installed, the Web site will run IISStart.asp. IISStart.asp will check for two conditions:

    • Whether you have typed in "localhost."

    • Whether the client IP address matches the server IP address.

    In either event, you will be redirected to Localstart.asp which will then open the required pages.

    Make sure these files are present on your system and that the Documents tab calls IISStart.asp. To make certain, try writing a brief .asp page that displays the values of the server variables, as follows:

    Your local IP address is

    The client IP address is

    If the IP addresses are not identical, the Localstart.asp page will not be invoked. Of course, you can always call it directly using http://localhost/localstart.asp. You will have a problem invoking Localstart.asp directly if the there is no default document configured. The script will return the message:

    You do not currently have a default document set for your users. Any users attempting to connect to this site are currently receiving an Under Construction page.
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    you have installed it remotely --
    and, did you access it remotely also?

    in this case http://<your_remote_iis>/what???

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