Rapid increase in CCIE numbers

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It seems like a short time ago CCIE #'s were in the 7,000-10,000 range, then blammo, we're up to like 17,000. Is it India?


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    Noticed that.

    What was it back in the day around the new millenium? Something like 6-7000?
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    Just grabbing some #s from groupstudy and doing the math (with quick rounding, could easily be off a few hundred per year)

    2000-2001 1200
    2001-2002 2300
    2002-2003 2800
    2003-2004 1000
    2004-2005 1500
    2005-2006 1400
    2006-2007 1500

    Looks like the CCIE was popular back during the Internet Gold Rush.... and has leveled off.

    I started in March 2000.... # was around 5650 in March 2000.... now in 17300s+
    And then I checked each year in March for a current #....

    But remember, 1 number per CCIE, and there are a bunch of CCIEs who have passed multiple tracks.

    I guess you could keep an eye on CCIE Worldwide Statistics to get an idea where the new CCIEs are.
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    looks like there are more in china and the US than anywhere else..

    china has 2000...
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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    No biggie...

    only about 4500 in the USA...

    Figure Cisco holds about 3000 or so of these.

    Leaves about 1500, and about 500 work for non-Partners or are trainers etc.

    Means only about 1000 people to compete with.

    Explains things a bit.

    20 CCIE's per state more or less to actually compete with.


    My state has more but who's counting.
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    mikej412 wrote:
    I guess you could keep an eye on CCIE Worldwide Statistics to get an idea where the new CCIEs are.
    The new numbers are out for 04.2.2007

    I printed out the numbers at the top and North America when I first posted that, so comparing the numbers that I have...... lost 2 triple CCIEs in the last 2 months icon_eek.gif
                                            04.2.2007    02.1.2007
    Total of Worldwide CCIEs:               14,387       +201
    Total of Routing and Switching CCIEs:   13408        +177
    Total of Security CCIEs:                906          +14
    Total of Service Provider CCIEs:        474          +29
    Total of Storage Networking CCIEs:      70           +7
    Total of Voice CCIEs:                   445          +34
    Multiple Certifications:				
    Many CCIEs have gone on to pass the certification exams in additional tracks, becoming a multiple CCIE. Below are selected statistics on CCIEs who are certified in more than one track.				
    Total with multiple certifications worldwide:                 1113    +44
    Total of Routing and Switching and Security CCIEs:            589     +7
    Total of Routing and Switching and Service Provider CCIEs:    359     +16
    Total of Routing and Switching and Storage Networking CCIEs:  29      +5
    Total of Routing and Switching and Voice CCIEs:               187     +16
    Total with 3 or more certifications                           161     -2
    Americas                      5368      +43
         North America            5116      +40
            Canada                592       +8
            Mexico                75        +1
            USA                   4449      +31
         Caribbean, South America, Central America  +3
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    It's a brave, new world out there in IT land. Looks like the competition's driving up expectations for all of us. Maybe it's a good thing, though. . . maybe my name will have one of those 20,000+ numbers next to it one day.

    (Well, considering when I'd get my lazy ass in gear, I'd probably have the very first six-digit CCIE. icon_lol.gif )

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    Interesting stats. Earlier stats (back to Sep 2005) can be found here:


    A quick overview of the Total nr of CCIEs:

    08.1.2005 - 12,421
    10.1.2005 - 12,600
    11.1.2005 - 12,690
    12.1.2005 - 12,792
    01.1.2006 - 12,862
    02.1.2006 - 12,967
    04.1.2006 - 13,161
    08.1.2006 - 13,602

    As you can see, it used to be around 90 per month, and combined with Mike's post (201 over 2 months) it hasn't changed that much.
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