Passed 271, need advice on 272

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I just passed 271 yesterday and will be taking the 272 exam in a week. I'm unsure as to which I should focus on the most. Does it cover MS Office, or just a few Windows applications, such as Outlook Express and IE. Any advice would be helpful.


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    Keep brushed up on permissions and also Outlook express and settings. Also file locations and file extensions for outlook and outlook express.

    IE and all of the advanced options and where you would find them including security levels and what each permissions are assigned with each.

    Also Compaterbility modes and hown to use them. And the processes that they are allocated to.

    And basically the rest of the sylabus posted above. icon_smile.gif
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    This is the link that I posted just after I passed the exam. A few things to look at.
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    This all helps. I don't have much time to study, but permissions is one of my strong points. Thanks for the help. Wish me luck, I take it on Wednesday.
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    Congrats! :D
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    Thanks for the help. I passed the exam today with a 754, not quite as good as I wanted to do. I'll have to study harder for my NET+, which I take in two weeks. Again, thanks for helping me.
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