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I passed the Hardware part and I've got a quick question. I forget my actually score off hand but it was like 60-70 above passing. Will I be the only one to know that score, or will it be accessible to other people, say potential employers.


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    hi there, as far as i am aware your score once passed is not public knowledge, most employers will just want to know if you are certified or not, well done on the pass :D
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    Cool. Thank you
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    Employers will not be able to find out your score unless you tell them. As far as I can remember the only place you can even find your score is on your score report you got from the testing center. In my years working in IT I have never had any employer ask for my score report.
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    glad we could help :D
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    It's pretty similar to graduating from college. Very, very few employers care what your GPA was. As anyone with a brain knows that today:
    1. enough people have attended college and watched classmates take easy classes to maintain a GPA.
    2. Greek organizations are notorious for having 'test banks' so their members can **** while preparing for exams.
    3. Various other methods of inflating a GPA

    Generally, the employers I've had, industry colleagues I one cares. Attitude and personality carry an applicant a lot further most things. Pass/Fail is usually acceptable enough to show the applicant completed the process and at least is likely to have a 'clue' :)
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