What is the difference between OS exam 220-202 and 220-222?

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i am going to bcit and have just finished their a+ program, the book the gave me covers exam codes 220-201 for hardware and 220-202 for operating systems. Now i am doing my os exam on monday, and i just looked on the comptia site and the exam codes are different, they are now for hardware 220-221 and 220-222, is their a difference? i mean my study source were codes 220-201 and 220-202, its the same **** aint it? icon_confused.gif


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    201 & 221 is for the Core portion
    202 & 222 is for the OS portion

    201 & 202 were the old version of the A+ cert exam.

    The latest version are 221 & 222.
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    so whats the difference? the stuff is the same right? just the code thats changed, what exactly has changed? i mean i based my studying around the book based upon the version 220-201 and 220-202, so i should be fine right?
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    The difference is in a couple of exam objectives, I've tried to locate the objectives for the 201/202 exam but couldn't find them.
    Anyhow I know only a couple objectives were changed/added but 98% is the same, so you shouldn't have to be worried.

    Good luck with the exam! :D
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